Taco update

Whoops, did we forget to post for 10 days?  Well, “forget” is probably not the right word.  Some interesting places and interesting stories coming up.  But first, naturally, an update about tacos.

We were in Tulum for four nights.  In that time, I went to Taqueria Honorio four times.  Honorio is only open from breakfast hours to approximately lunchtime – or whenever the meat runs out.  And about that meat – four kinds are available, of which I tried three: cochinita pibil (pulled pork with achiote and spices, and optional pickled onions), lechon (a dryer pulled pork with salsa and a crispy piece of pork rind – the featured picture of this post), and, most surprisingly, relleno negro (a black turkey stew with a boiled egg).


The two above with black sauce and egg are relleno negro, the other one is cochinita pibil.

The tortillas at Honorio were being made fresh all day by a group of ladies.  They were great – thick and tasty, like a corn tortilla with the structure of a flour one.  (Maybe it was a mix?)  Since each and every taco gets a few minutes on the griddle after it’s assembled, they also acquire a small amount of crispness.  No need to double up with weak tortillas here!

When we leave Mexico, I am seriously going to miss having amazing tacos to hand at almost all times.

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