As always, actual questions from actual soon-to-be-readers:

Who are you?

We are Michael and Melanie, an American-German couple living in Switzerland for the last 9/6 years (respectively).

What are you doing?

We are taking a year off from our careers to drive from the USA to South America via (partially) the Pan-American Highway.

You quit your job to travel?  That’s awesome!

No kidding!

How long are you traveling for?

We plan to be traveling all of 2016, starting in mid-late January and finishing up towards the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

What kind of a car are you taking?

A gently modified 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 with ~165,000 miles.  [Name TBD – I was told it had to have one]

What do you mean “gently modified?”

Something less than this:


How much is this going to cost you?

That would depend very much on your accounting principles.  I prefer to think of it as a TCO net gain when you count life experience and adventure as positives.

What about all of the [violence/robberies/kidnappings/scary people] in [Mexico/Honduras/Colombia]?

What about all the [violence/robberies/murders/vigilantes] in the USA?

No, seriously, this sounds unsafe.

Compared to what?  Look, if you spend all your time preparing for the boogeyman to come get you, that’s your business.  We’re getting on with life.

Are you crazy?

Define crazy [yes?].

Are you taking a knife?

Swiss Army x2, plus some kitchen utensils, sure.  Do I look like I know how to use a knife as a weapon?

Are you taking a gun?

Good lord, no.

What kind of accommodation will you be using?

A mix of camping, home stays, and hotels – we are aiming for 1/3 camping but would be pleased to go higher than that if we like it.

Which countries will you be visiting?

In Central America, all of them, though we don’t anticipate a whole lot of time spent in Belize, El Salvador, or Honduras.  In South America, we will be starting in Colombia and moving down the west coast – we hope to also include Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay depending on time.

Do you speak Spanish?

Thankfully, Melanie does.  I will learn, very likely at a homestay in Guatemala.  Hopefully I don’t forget all my German in the process…

How do I follow your blog?

Scroll down to the end of this very page (past the comments).  At the bottom right, click “Follow” to set up an e-mail notification any time we post.  (There are several ways to follow, this is simply the easiest.)

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