Things we have done since leaving Denver

1. Llama walk with Legs O’Bamalama and Robbie

2. Learning to use a composting toilet

3. Gone to an alien themed roller disco

4. Eaten our weight in red and green chile

5. Sat in a hot springs overlooking the Rio Grande and some mountains

6. Tested one air mattress and sleeping bag (Michael approved!)

7. Pulled over and warned by NM state police (Melanie was driving, but not too fast)

8. Looked over at an inland border control going north out of Las Cruces so Melanie’s passport could be checked (she’s legal!)

9. Driven a lot of long, straight western roads

10. National monuments hiked in: Bandalier, White Sands (today)

11. Gone to the Los Alamos science museum and learned about THE BOMB, Dimitri

12. Felt very in the spirit of a road trip vacation!!

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