Sorry for the lack of posts!  After we got the car back from the mechanic I’ve been working pretty hard at getting the electrical finished, with capable help for that and other projects from Melanie.

Short and sweet, here’s my diagram of what we’ve put together.


The gist of it is that we have two batteries – one for starting and one for “house” items like the refrigerator.  When the car is off, the systems are separated by the solenoid.  When the car is on, the solenoid receives a signal (provided the switch is in “AUTO”) to connect them so they both charge off of the factory alternator.  The “MAN” switch setting is a momentary setting where the batteries can be pooled when the car is off – in case you need to self-jump.  And the LED is just to tell me at a glance whether the system is on or off.

It’s a pretty simple concept as far as car electrics go, but having never done it before, it was complicated enough for me.  And had some backbreaking work running wires through the firewall – I hurt all over from cramming myself into the footwell to snake wires through.  However, I still giggle giddily when I flip the switch, the light goes on and the solenoid goes “ka-chunk” whilst engaging – so I guess the satisfaction level from the work is quite high.

In other news, Melanie replaced the back hatch hydraulics so that the hatch stays up when open, while continuing her streak of installation prowess by installing the front to back power cable.  We also ordered some diamond plate aluminum for the tailgate so we can cook on it with our camp stove, and I’ve started pondering how to install the security console.  We also installed the new stereo head and phone mount (a pain in the butt!), a replacement sun visor, a dash cam and the Center Diff Lock switch.

Taking a break for a day or two now because the family is in town, and my triceps are burning.  Bon Weekend!

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